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The Pathway From Walker To Owner

“I really wanted independence, but still have interaction with other people as co-workers. I was looking for a family. And I found that with Snaggle Foot.”

Hailey Dube is a franchisee in Cleveland West, Ohio. Though just in her 20’s, Hailey is clear about her vision for the business.

“Right now, I do a large percentage of the visits myself. In addition to myself, I have a staff of three independent contractors. Ultimately, my plan is to grow the business to the point where I spend the majority of my time managing the business, handling the marketing, and working on events.”

Hailey has been confident of this path for some time. After caring for pets part-time for some extra income, she realized that she loved it. So she began a deliberate process to make it less of a hobby and more of a professional opportunity.

She took it so seriously, in fact, she undertook her own education in all things pet care related including the proper way to walk a dog, how to handle challenging pet personalities, the purpose and proper use of equipment, and even got certified in pet First Aid (a requirement of Snaggle Foot). By the time she found Snaggle Foot, she knew what she wanted, and Snaggle Foot was it.

Hailey began with Snaggle Foot as a walker for the franchise that she would ultimately own. Over time, she became the lead Pet Care Specialist and managed the business for a year. When the owner decided to exit, Hailey was thrilled to step up and take ownership of the thriving franchise in January 2020.
“My long-term goal is slightly longer-term now, because COVID. But still, we’re doing fine.”

“My long-term goal is slightly longer-term now, because COVID. But still, we’re doing fine.”​

“I want to say this about COVID. Even though it has not been business as usual, I still get client requests all the time. It’s been difficult, but owning this business; it’s nearly bullet-proof. Yes, I did lose clients. But with this business, there’s always a new pool of clients. It’s been teachers, doctors, healthcare workers. Yes, there will be difficult times, but there will always be someone who needs your services. You just have to be willing to look around and see the opportunity.”

One key to Hailey’s success is her unique understanding of the business. “Yes, it’s caring for pets, but a lot of this job is customer service; making sure you are doing the right thing for both the pets and the clients.”

“The support system was the thing that made me decide to move forward with Snaggle Foot. It’s so important to me to have a strong team backing me up. I love each and every day getting to visit pets and make them happy. I love the brand – that it’s not just about making money. It’s more professional and responsible. We take our time to make sure we do the right thing for each individual client and pet. We are a team – a family.”

She has some final words of advice for people considering a Snaggle Foot franchise. “Just like every business, there are ups and downs, but there will be more ups. The support system is so valuable. A lot of the hard work is done for you. You have to put in your own hard work, but there is a lot there for you. Do it. It’s worth it. You’re here for a reason.”

“Do it. It’s worth it. You’re here for a reason.”​


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Hailey Dube | Cleveland West, OH

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