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Creating A Rewarding And Fulfilling Life

Fresh out of college with a degree in organizational communications and a minor in business management, Janeé Gordon of Texas, tried – really tried – to fit into the corporate world.

But she was very unhappy and almost immediately began looking for work that would connect her with pets. So in 2013, she abandoned the corporate life and signed on as a dog walker with the local Snaggle Foot franchise in Dallas. A year later she would purchase that franchise, and she’s never looked back.

As a native of Texas, Janeé grew up with dogs of all types and sizes, “We had a white German Shepherd, a couple of Schnauzers, a Shih Tzu, a Shepherd mix, and a Terrier mix. Not all at the same time!” So she is comfortable around strong, powerful breeds, as well as small and somewhat shy dogs. This personal experience with pets gave her the confidence and skill to care for other’s pets.

In the beginning, Janeé spent a fair amount of time in the field, actually caring for pets. Over time, as her staff and business has grown, she is spending more time managing, and less time in the field, although she still keeps a hand in it.

A typical day for Janeé is busy!

  • Begin the day by checking emails and schedules
  • Communicate changes and/or information to staff
  • Make sure staff has the keys they need for their schedule
  • Perform a few visits, then return to the office
  • Check emails again as well as the scheduling app, and general computer work
  • Spend time on social media posting photos from client visits
  • Then return to the field to do a few more visits
  • Check emails and schedules at the end of the day

“In the beginning, I didn’t have a vision for the business,” Janeé explains. “I knew I loved animals, and I wanted to work with them. I was happy working long hours and weekends, because I loved the work. As the business grew, bringing on staff really helped relieve the stress. Having other people helping to care for the pets allowed me to focus more on managing the business and clients.“

“Covid has been hard on my business, and I’ve had to scale the staff to match the demand. But through it all I’ve able to retain a level of service that has allowed me to emerge in a strong position. Now, business is starting to pick up again, and I’m hiring. The leadership and support of the Home Office was crucial to surviving this year.”

“Five years from now, I’m clear about what I want. I want to be able to devote full-time to managing the business, rely on a strong, capable, talented staff to handle the daily visits, and expand my business territory. That’s where I’m headed.”

Janeé has some advice for people considering a Snaggle Foot franchise. “I would tell people that they shouldn’t be afraid of working hard. It’s hard work in the beginning, and you have to be willing to do the work yourself. But if you put in that time, and follow the systems, you’ll be successful. If you truly have a passion for pets and helping people, you’ll be rewarded. I love it.”

” If you truly have a passion for pets and helping people, you’ll be rewarded. I love it.”


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